All About The CelticLady

My name is Kathleen (CelticLady) and I am a wife to my Irish sweetie Tommy for 32 years now, together actually for 35 years. I am a mother of 4 children Jen, Erik, Kara and Katie. I am a grandmother of 2 darling little boys Cobi 12 and Dylan 9.

I live in Rhinelander, WI in the great northwoods. I moved here with my ex husband in 1977 when my oldest was just a wee one. We divorced in 1980 and that is when I met Tommy. 

I was employed at a resort here for 7 years, cleaning cottages and doing mostly anything the job required. In 1986 I got a job at a local nursing home and have been there for almost 24 years. I was a supervisor for 14 of those years and then moved to an Office Manager position in the therapy department. When a new company took over in 2006 my Office Manager postion went out the window. So my new job description changed to Therapy Tech, which meant doing the same kind of work but more of a physical aspect, like transporting people back and forth to therapy.

 Now, I have been off work since April 21st, 2009. I had to have a spinal fusion, my second one, and I am disabled. Meaning that is it unlikely that I can go back and do what I did before. I also had a knee replacement in 2007 and that is giving me grief also. Balance issues and pain are pretty much keeping me from doing what I used to. So that is why I started a blog doing what I like, computer and reading.

My oldest, Jen is living in North Carolina with the two little ones and her husband Clarence. My son, Erik, lives in Georgis, is a computer programer and he will be getting married in February 2015 to a lovely girl from the Dominican Republic. Jen and Erik were from my first marriage. Kara, lives in Fort Lauderdale with her partner Emily and two foster sons. And my youngest Katie lives has moved back in with us.

Did I mention that I was Irish?? I am and I have been to Ireland twice, first time in 2000 when we took the two younger children and in 2007 when it was just Tommy and I. Had a great time both times. I would love to live there…

Like I said before I love to read, and be on my computers. I have 4 in the house right now. I started this book blog in August of 2009 and am loving it. I have met some wonderful people here in Bloggerville and I hope to meet more.  The picture above is of my two little sweeties, what are they doing you ask?? Reading of course!!!!

So that is a bit about me, nice to meet you!!!

This is a picture of me and our little red, 1975 Corvette Stingray
We live in Rhinelander, WI.

My husband Tom and Little Red
My eldest daughter Jen and her husband Clarence

Their children, my grandsons Dylan 9 and Cobi 12. They live in New Bern N.C. Clarence is a Marine stationed in N.c

My daughter, right and her partner Emily with D & Q. They live in Fort Lauderdale, Fl.
My Son and his fiancee, Emilce

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